Did you know? Independent and minor-party voters – who comprise nearly 25 percent of New Mexico’s electorate – are ineligible to vote in our publicly funded primary elections.

By limiting primary participation to registered Democrats and Republicans, our closed-primary system disenfranchises over 300,000 voters.

At New Mexico Open Elections, we’re working toward a better solution.

This year, state legislators will consider measures to open our primaries to ALL registered voters. Here’s how the semi-open primary model benefits New Mexico:

  • By allowing independent and minor-party voters to cast a ballot in either party’s primary contest, we give ALL registered New Mexicans a voice.
  • Including these voters diversifies the electorate, which invites a more politically diverse slate of candidates.
  • Research suggests Semi-Open Primaries improve turnout, as more voters are welcomed into the process.
  • We believe opening primaries to independents will help decrease the scourge of political polarization, as candidates strive to appeal to a broader cross-section of voters.

In 2023, the NM Senate passed a semi-open Primary bill with broad, bipartisan support, but the measure failed in the House. This year, we need YOUR help to bring change to New Mexico. Call your representatives today and tell them you support semi-open primaries for New Mexico and the open-primaries movement.

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Check out our open primaries issue page for a deeper dive. 

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