New Mexico Representative Moe Maestas just introduced legislation to bring nonpartisan elections to the state. Currently, 240,000 registered voters in New Mexico are denied their right to cast a vote in primary elections; yet these elections are paid for with their tax dollars. It’s a violation of their rights, but you could do something about it.

Here’s how you can help: Call a legislator and make a difference.

There is an important committee vote on Friday, January 29th. If the bill passes, those 240,000 New Mexican voters will be one step closer to having a real voice in our elections. But, the members of the committee don’t know that New Mexicans care. We need you to call them and let them know.

It would only take a minute, but your call could literally make the difference between passing or failing. Just click the link below to take action. When you speak to the legislator, tell them that you are supporting Representative Maestas’s bill, HJR12 so that 240,000 New Mexican voters can cast a vote in elections that their tax dollars are paying for.

Click here if you agree that denying voters of their voice is wrong.


Again: The committee will vote on the bill on Friday, Jan 29 @ 8:30AM

Aaron Perls


Webmaster at New Mexico Open Elections