December 16, 2015


Dear Friends, 

Many of us share the frustration of political gridlock and rising apathy in our increasingly partisan system.  We are a part of a political process and system that is broken and gives us few options.

New Mexico Open Primaries advocates for nonpartisan primary elections so that independents, minor parties and everyone else can vote in every election.  Candidates are selected to move to the general election with no labels on a nonpartisan basis. Candidates and elected officials have to reach out to the whole political spectrum to get elected and stay elected which means they need to forge coalitions and compromise to actually get things done

Three states have adopted nonpartisan primaries with the top two vote getters going to the general election.  We have seen partisan rancor reduced, increased voter enthusiasm and an improved legislative process where legislators work together.

New Mexico Open Primaries' commitment is to educate the public and to lead education campaigns to enact legislation that ensures that all can vote and have an impact on all elections.  The more diverse the participation, the more our representatives’ decisions will reflect the will of the people.

If you support this commitment and want to be a part of this movement we ask that you consider making a contribution to New Mexico Open Primaries.  Every dollar raised goes toward continuing to educate the public and elected officials about ways we can and must change our political system so that problems are solved, compromise is made and gridlock ends.

Please donate online by following the link here or make checks payable to:


644 Dixon Road

Corrales, NM  87048

If you have recently made a gift please accept our sincere thanks.

 Thank you for your support and have a happy holiday season.


Bob Perls


New Mexico Open Primaries

Aaron Perls


Webmaster at New Mexico Open Elections