Dear Supporters,

Our Open Primaries bill, HJR 3, will be heard in House Elections committee Wednesday, January 29 at 8:30 am. Representative Daymon Ely is the prime sponsor and we thank him for his continued support. We believe it has an excellent chance of getting through this committee, but the members need to hear from you. Please call:

Representative Georgene Louis - (D)
(505) 986-4356
Email: [email protected]

Representative D. Wonda Johnson - (D)
(505) 986-4433
Email: [email protected]

Representative Gail Chasey - (D)
(505) 986-4411
Email: [email protected]

Representative Dayan Hochman-Vigil - (D)
(505) 986-4336
Email: [email protected]

Representative Derrick J. Lente - (D)
(505) 986-4852
Email: [email protected]

Representative Greg Nibert - (R)
(505) 986-4211
Email: [email protected]

Representative William "Bill" R. Rehm - (R)
(505) 986-4214
Email: [email protected]

Representative Martin R. Zamora - (R)
(505) 986-4211
Email: [email protected]

Our bill this year is a constitutional amendment that does three things:

1) Opens our closed primary system to DTS or independent voters
2) Allows political parties to opt out and close primaries
3) Mandates that parties must pay for their nomination process if they close the primary.

Please attend the committee hearing and raise your hand in support. Concerned citizens like yourself showing up can make or break the resolution's success!


Gus Pedrotty
New Mexico Open Elections